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Sancerre, au petit matin

Sancerre, in the early morning

Sancerre, au soleil

Sancerre shining in the sun

Sancerre, sous la pluie

under the rain

   History of Sancerre : 


   Since the beginning of time, Sancerre has been a place that has participated in the history of France. We have found traces of Sancerre since Prehistory. 

   The history of Sancerre has always been closely linked to that of Bourges including the siege of Avaricum (former name of Bourges) in 52 BC by the troops of Emperor Julius Caesar. During the Middle Ages, the Count of Sancerre had built a castle on the highest point of the hill and fortifications allowing the city to be protected by possible attackers.

   Famous personalities had a link with the Sancerre: King Charles VII, inseparable from the epic of Joan of Arc stayed there for several months during the Hundred Years War, Jacques Coeur, Argentier of King Charles VII had a Palace there, Etienne Macdonald (1765-1840) named Marshal of Empire by Napoleon Bonaparte....

   History has also been forged on the work of the vines of Sancerre to give birth to the wines very appreciated all over the world. It's been more than 1400 years since the vineyard existed. Devastated by phylloxera (sort of aphid) at the end of the 19th century, the vines were replanted in sauvignon (white wine), grape variety best adapted to the Sancerrois climate. Sancerre is gradually becoming recognized for the quality of its white wines, which allows it to obtain the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) in 1936, AOC which will extend 23 years later to red and rosé wines (Pinot Noir variety).

   Geography of Sancerre : 


   The beauty of the Sancerre hill is also explained by the presence of the longest wild river in Europe: the Loire. The Sancerrois vineyard covers nearly 2,900 hectares and the Sancerre appellation covers 14 communes. The beauty of the Sancerre landscape is intimately linked to the vines present throughout the territory. Three types of soils make up the Sancerre vineyard landscape: clay-limestone (or white soils), clay-silicious soils and caillottes.

   The Sancerrois, a dynamic region :

   As soon as spring arrives, many events are organized throughout the Sancerre region, essential elements of the dynamism of our territory.

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Tour de France est passé dans le Sancerrois

In 2009, the Tour de France went into the Sancerrois.

La Loire, plus long fleuve d'Europe à l'état sauvage

The Loire, the longest river in Europe in the wild is fully part of the landscape Sancerrois

Vue automnale de Sancerre

Autumn view of Sancerre

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