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Throughout the year, we work our vines so that they can offer the best aromas, aromas of its own. The Domaine Jean-Paul and Jean-Luc Millet (SCEA DU BRIOU) currently sells 4 vintages.

Two varietals are used to produce our wines: the sauvignon grape for our white wines, the pinot noir grape for our red and rosé wines. These two varieties are the most adapted to our climate and our terroir. Sauvignon represents about 75% of our production, compared to 25% for pinot noir.

Our vineyards are located in the villages of Veaugues and Crézancy en Sancerre, on clay-limestone soils typical of the west-Sancerre ("cherries" and "caillottes").

Sancerre Blanc Sauvignon

Sancerre Blanc 2018

Our Sancerre Blanc is a dry white wine, fine, very expressive on fruity aromas (grapefruit, exotic fruits), floral hint and mineral notes, distinguished by its freshness and its roundness in the mouth. 

Food and wine pairings : aperitif, fish, seafood (oysters ...), white meat, foie gras, crottin de Chavignol, goat cheeses, more originally Asian food ...

Aging : 3-4 years

Sancerre Rouge Pinot Noir

Sancerre Rouge 2018

Our Sancerre Rouge is a light and very fruity wine, otherwise rich with a sunny vintage. With its bouquet approaching cherries, and its soft tannins, it will marry perfectly with your dishes.

Food and wine pairings : charcuterie , red meat, dishes in sauce, cheeses, white meat (poultry, pork...)...

Aging : 4-5 years

Sancerre Rosé Pinot Noir

Sancerre Rosé 2018

Our Sancerre Rosé is an elegant dry rosé, fruity with aromas of red currant and raspberry. The well balance between his freshness and his structure due to the sunny vintage confers on him delicacy, richness and make it very popular during aperitifs, barbecues ...

 Food and wine pairings : grilled meats (merguez, chipolatas, pork chop...), salads, charcuterie, spicy food, pizzas

Aging : 2-3 years 

Sancerre Rouge vieilli en Fût de Chêne

Sancerre Rouge Fût de Chêne 2016

Our Sancerre Rouge aging one year in oak barrels (20 % new barrel), it's distinguished by its softened tannic structure, as well as its smoky notes, vanilla hint.

The silky texture brings richness, complexity and length.

Food and wine pairings : white and red meats in sauce, venison (boar, roe...), cheeses (after 5-6 years of aging)...

Aging : 6-7 years

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.                               Mentions légales

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