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Plaque émaillée de notre cave

Enamelled plate of our cellar

"Crop circles" réalisés dans nos champs

"Crop circles" made in our fields

Nathalie et Jean-Luc Millet have been committed to managing the family estate for 20 years and so continue to perpetuate the work undertaken by Camille Millet (Jean-Luc's grandfather), farmer who started exploiting his vineyard, in the aftermath of the Second World War.


Our winery has grown over the years, through the will of Jeannette and Jean-Paul Millet (Jean-Luc's parents) to offer several wines of Sancerre to their customers, thanks to the know-how acquired (also transmitted today) all the along their career.

Our history :

For 3 generations now, our family has been producing Sancerre Blanc (Sauvignon grape variety),   Sancerre Rouge (Pinot noir variety) and Sancerre Rosé (Pinot noir variety)

It is at the place called Le Briou, located on the road connecting Bourges to Sancerre, that our family perpetuates the know-how, which is passed down from generation to generation.

The Millet family has developed its estate, starting from a few acres at the beginning and which now extends over 14 hectares (about 34.6 acres). Our vineyards are located in the towns of                 Crézancy en Sancerre and Veaugues. 

Throughout the year, we work our vineyards and therefore our territory to produce quality wines so that they can fully satisfy our customers, tourists passing through...

This work is done with the support of four employees as well as some casual workers.

Coucher de soleil au dessus de nos vignes

Sunset above our vine

Club de passionnés de Ford Mustang devant notre cave

Ford Mustang fan club in front of our cellar

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